This is the first Bedford CF with an electric power steering conversion. This is a very nice Bedford CF2 tipper truck, petrol engine and 5 speed box. The power steering conversion fits very nicely and works very well. It uses all the original mountings of the original column, I did re-tap the 3 bolt holes going into the floor and made them 8mm for some extra strength. The motor tucks away under the dash and the ecu sits just above it.As far as I know all the Bedford CF vans have the same basic steering column design so it should be possible to convert any age van. The total price for this conversion is £650. It takes about 3 hours to complete this Bedford CF power steering conversion, as I have now made a jig for this model so a column can be prepared before the arrival of the van. I have done quite a few of these vans now and it is a complete transformation of the driving experience.