I have finally got around to converting a Mercedes Motorhome, a very nice 208d Autotrail Apache model.

Essentially the principal is the same for converting most vehicles, the problem being the different size shafts and tubes used by manufacturers. The different sizes mean machining has to be done which used to mean a trip across town to my local machinist, he is very helpful and quick but it made it difficult if I wanted to try new vehicles because you never knew when he might take a few days off work. Now I have bought my own lathe it means I can do new vehicles much quicker, this Mercedes took me and Den a day to get all of it fitted and I finished the wiring off the next morning. This included a few tea breaks and writing down various sizes as we went along. I have done a few more of them now and we can get the whole job finished in half a day.

Well here are a few pictures to show you the finished result.

The total price for this conversion is £650 if anybody has one of these vans.