This is my latest project, an MGB with power steering. This car has now now been sold.

I am sure there will be a lot of purists insisting that power steering is not necessary on an MGB, they will say “grease your kingpins, change your wheel camber, increase your tyre pressure” etc. I am a newcomer to driving MGB’s, but I am old enough to remember that my first cars were never fitted with power steering and how awkward they were to drive around town. So if you are an MGB purist it would be better if you read no further, if however you enjoy driving your MGB and wish it was easier to do so then please read on.

The first vehicles I converted to power steering were all vans, campers usually which although old maintain their value well.I have a camper myself and enjoy using it now it has power steering.

I have always liked MGB’s but never had one before now, I recently picked up this GT model and have converted it to power steering. I only drove it a little before the conversion and with it’s little sports steering wheel it was heavy even for a fit young man to manoeuvre, after the MGB power steering conversion it is like a modern little sports car, it has a stage 2 head fitted and it goes very nicely (not saying anything about the braking).

The conversion itself uses a corsa b column, I use the original mounting points on the car so no modification of the car is needed. The original top bracket is used with a new bottom bracket. The original ignition lock is used and sits in approximately the same position under the dash (steering lock still functions), no part of the unit sits lower than the ignition lock and remains totally out of the way and unobtrusive. I am 6′ 2″ and don’t have any issues getting in and out of the car, it is totally out of the way. You can only see there is anything there if you kneel down by the open drivers door. The motor sits behind the radio console, under the central air flap and above the radio. The incredibly poor bush on the bottom of the steering column is replaced with a custom turned nylon bush, the top bush which seems much stronger is retained. Obviously it takes the original steering wheel from the MGB and the indicator stalk.


The steering controller I have used on mine is a non adjustable version, I find the weight of the steering ideal for the car. The weight of the steering remains constant at all speeds without the need for speed sensitive adjustment, obviously if anybody wants an adjustable controller then that is no problem. At the moment I only have power steering for the MGB from approximately 1970-75 (with the ignition lock under the dash).

Unlike other copies my system uses a complete new outer column designed for this car, to retain the appearance and strength of the original.


I don’t rely on fancy videos to sell my products, I let my feedback sell them for me.


The price for this conversion is £675 total, my car is now sold due to lack of free time.