Here are a few Renault Trafic campers I have recently converted to power steering, £650 fitted price. The main difficulty I found with this type of van is that the steering column is long with several uj’s in it and no joints to take it apart, it also requires me to lie underneath the van quite a lot. I now have a jig for this vehicle to prepare the columns so can fit them in approximately 4 hours, as you can see I keep the entire outer column for strength and looks. I can put a little on/off switch so the power steering can be switched off, or just have it come on when you turn on the key which is what I usually do. Other companies may copy me with poorly engineered columns but I make sure mine are thoroughly designed and tested and are at least as strong as the original.

You would not know by looking at the van that everything was not original fitment. The motor points forwards towards the bulkhead and is totally hidden unless you stand on your head. Available for standard right hand drive vans and left hand drive vans.