Genuine reviews from satisfied customer that have had power steering fitted to their camper vans and other vehicles by me.

Chris has just fitted his eps system to my 1991 ducato based hymer camp. The hymer has been transformed and is now far easier to manoeuvre and drive in general. If anyone is thinking of having this work carried out, I can only say go ahead, especially if you have any mobility related problems that makes power steer a necessity rather than a luxury.

Chris has just fitted the conversion to my non power steering 1993 Talbot Express Harmony 1.9D. I dropped it off with Chris down in Stratford 2 days ago and collected it this morning. What can I say! Chris did an excellent job and the van is now a joy to drive. It feels so different to manoeuvre and is so easy to reverse into and out of tight spots.
Chris is a really nice bloke and took me to and from the railway station so I could travel home. He also lets you ‘try before you buy’ with his fathers conversion. I can confirm the conversion is so quiet that I never notice it. Its worth a cheap train journey to visit Chris and take a look at his fathers conversion before you buy. I got a cheap off peak return to Stratford from Crewe for only £23.75! Cheers Col

Thanks for the excellent job on my steering yesterday 12/7/12 drove 100+ miles today feels like a new van please thank your mechanic for whom nothing was to much trouble, I would recommend it to anyone

Excellent service,unbelievable difference to my ’91 ducato, highly recommended

Had mine done today (1991 talbot kontiki 2.5 td ) well pleased,the young mechanic that fitted it did a great job and was a nice bloke,I stayed over night in the van at chris`s place and went to the pub for a drink and some food (its hell of a walk,only joking it 2 min away) its a bit expensive in Stratford-upon-Avon, I paid 3.70 for a pint of cider (its only £2.70/£3.20 in BATH ).I had to go back to the van and hit the bottle of vodka I had took with me, so I very slept well, many thanks chris for arranging for it to be fitted .chris.

Today (23rd August) Chris completed a modification on the steering of my 1979 Sherpa Highwayman campervan. You cannot believe the transformation, what was one of the heaviest steering I’ve ever encountered has been transformed into fingertip control, even at 1 mile per hour. It is faultless. I can highly recommend this system if your ride has difficult heavy steering. Its brilliant.Thanks again Chris, I’m very happy.Dave Wallace

Reached Stratford 2nd September mid evening. Spent a great day there, whilst Chris Hart was fitting power steering to Camilla (& getting my tyre repaired!).
I cannot tell you what a difference this has made! The drive home was amazing and the van is now so easy to manoeuvre! If anyone is finding their steering hard going, GO & GET IT DONE! It really is worth the money.I was reluctant to take the van anywhere before, but now I can’t wait to get going again!
Chris is a really genuine guy, and very helpful, nothing is too much trouble.

I had a little visit to Anne Hathaway’s cottage (just around the corner), while Tony and Chris sorted out the power steering. Must say we are very pleased with the result and i even managed to reverse her for the first time, so i’m well chuffed. Tony did the after fitting test drive (i wont be sitting in the back again with him driving lol) and he was impressed, so much so that i thought he’d be driving home, but no such luck lol.
Anybody wanting power (assisted) steering, wont go wrong getting Chris to fit it. Chris didn’t do 100% or even 110% but 210% in everything he did. If our car didn’t already have power steering, I’d be back down getting it put on.
So stop thinking about it and get it done and enjoy your traveling even more.
Oh nearly forgot, The Bell is only a short distance away and the food there is absolutely wonderful, so much that we went back for an extended lunch (as it was laughingly referred to when we got back).

I’ve had an awesome drive back from Chris Hart’s power steering conversions, Stratford-upon-Avon. I can’t believe how much better my Talbot drives, it’s like a new van it’s so light to drive now you can go round a roundabout steering with just the palm of your hand while changing gear with the other .
Chris did the conversion in 4 hours and what a top job he made I’m lost for words how good he is a top professional job so if your thinking of having it done go ahead you won’t regret it, it’s the best £600 I’ve spent in years.

Arrived 13th September, 11.30 a.m. with our 1991 Talbot Express Auto-Sleeper. We were welcomed by Chris, a polite and pleasant guy, who instilled us with confidence. We went off to explore Stratford and returned early evening. By 5 pm, the Power Steering was complete. This was an excellent, efficient job by Chris and I can highly recommend to anyone who may have doubts. Give them a call. Power Steering is a must – what a difference. Amazing. So easy to drive and manoeuvre. Thanks Chris. With regards. Peter Lovell

Today (15/10/12) I paid a visit to Chris Hart in Stratford-upon-Avon & collected the Electric Power Steering.
Me being me I set to the second I got home & fitted it. What a difference it’s fantastic.
A Big thank you to Chris, the fitting instructions are brilliant & easy to follow, it only took about 3 hours to do, but I did already have the steering column & pedal box removed.
It was a pleasure to meet you Chris
Thanks again

Hi Chris, Safely back home and what an amazing drive! The missus was right – I drove 96 miles home with a huge silly grin plastered across my face! I would never have believed the difference to the camper, and so responsive – the tight roundabouts I wrestled my way round on the way to your place, I sailed effortlessly round on the way home. Have already been on the phone to a couple of friends and recommended your service. Worth every penny, and more – just wish I’d heard about you before. Many thanks for a brilliant job.

Just wanted to let you know how happy we are with the power steering conversion you did on my daughters van. It has totally transformed it and is now a pleasure to drive and park! Many thanks for fitting us in at such short notice and accommodating us so willingly. Thanks again and we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you.
Kind regards Jean

Chris, I have to report a wonderful drive home to London with my new Power Steering after you converted my van. I picked up my camper yesterday from Midland Springs after they had fitted heavy duty rear springs to my ’92 Talbot Express/Elddis Autoquest 320 and, together with your power steering conversion the Motorhome is absolutely transformed. Thanks again for taking it there for me. You have done a really clever neat job and it is so quiet as well – you would not know it was anything other than a standard fitting. I usually have a smile on my face when I am driving the Talbot but it has stepped up a notch! To say I am delighted with your work would be an understatement. Kind regards, Ian

Just wanted to add that I’ve just had this done to my 92 Talbot Express/Autoquest, what a joy to drive now.
Chris must be used to the silly grins he gets off people when they first get back in!
Thanks again Chris, go ahead convert the world of Talbot to power steering!

Had power steering converted by chris on a 1990 Talbot Express Elddis 300s I never thought it was possible to make such a big difference I would tell anyone to get it done , We pitched up overnight and we were made so welcome. Thanks again Chris it was money well spent.

Just to let you know that our son Steve has just fitted the powered steering conversion kit we purchased from you, he said the fitting instructions were easy to follow and it was easy to fit in. Excellent the best money we have spent.
Regards Paul Chelmsford, Essex

Just to let you know that driving my Mk 1 Trafic with your epas conversion was a revelation. I drove back to Somerset with a silly grin on my face, like your other customers, although I had to remember not to manhandle the van around the dozens of roundabouts en route. Your service was impeccable and the few hours we spent waiting for the job to be done was well spent in enjoying Stratford, in spite of the weather. For the first time since we have owned the van, my wife is willing [nay, eager] to drive it. I’ll certainly be recommending you to others in the fraternity of ancient Trafic owners! Mike

Chris recently fitted a power – assisted conversion to my 1985 Renault Trafic T1000 Campervan, including a free upgrade a few weeks later. The difference has to be felt to be appreciated. No longer the shoulder – wrenching parking and heaving the van around roundabouts!! The van could now be driven by ‘ The fairer sex’ – if she wanted to !!
He made a very neat job of fitting the unit and is to be congratulated on a tidy and aesthetically pleasing conversion which does just what I wanted it to do. I am shortly about to embark on a continental trip, which will include small roads and mountain passes and I am sure that, with the lighter touch required, I shall not be as tired after each day’s journey. I have found that being able to return to ‘unassisted’ steering at the flick of a switch, for motorway driving, means that the system is not over-sensitive at speed. A big ‘Thank you Chris’, Yours Faithfully, Jim Hoddell

Hi Chris
Received power steering yesterday tues 31st july fitted them today wed test drive was all that you mentioned in your advert it was like a new van
Well all i can say is if there is anyone considering getting power steering fitted to there van i can definitely recommend your conversion both for value and price thanks Chris
Jim Carle

I just want you to know how delighted we are with the PAS we now have on our Talbot Motorhome thanks to you. My drive from you back up to the north of Scotland and home was a breeze and even after 14 hours I could have just carried on and on………. Handy having a bed behind as I was able to stop whenever I got tired and have a nap.

We wanted to thank you so much for all your help and kindness when you fitted our power steering, We are so thrilled with it, it has made a world of difference, we are going out every other week-end to different meets, sometimes in farmers fields, no problem parking even for me, We have highly recommended you to everyone we know, a friend is very interested in Saltash, and I have passed your flyers round, Many many thanks once again, Margaret and Mel

You fitted your electric power steering kit to my Talbot Autohomes Camelot motorhome last year and I was blown away with the difference. Before I found parking the vehicle in a tight spot or doing a three point turn took exceptional effort with both hands to turn the steering wheel. Since your modification I can turn the wheel with one finger… the improvement is amazing… but more so because you also fitted a switch so that on motorways I could choose to turn the power assistance off. In practice I found it worked well engaged all the time. I drove the motor home almost 5000 miles around Europe over a two month holiday break including mountain passes and winding roads. I had absolutely no issues with the steering and it made driving a joy. I was especially impressed with the quality of the installation and the speed, literally while we waited while shopping in town, so that we could drive away straight after. I highly recommend Chris’s work and the reasonable charge for the same. Best regards Geoff and Sally Tanner

Thanks Chris, she drives like new:-) Fitted the kit today. Took about 3 hours. What a difference. I am over the moon. Would recommend to anyone who finds the campervan heavy at low speeds. Thanks for a great service. Dave

It is wonderful, we drove to Yorkshire and it was great. When we arrived home we usually stay a night in a lay-by and come in in the morning so we have daylight and I am fresher, as I said to you I have to parallel park onto our drive. Well not this time drove from Yorkshire to Inverness, it was not nice weather foggy so was looking forward to getting home after 3 weeks, putting her on the drive was easy compared to the usual pa lava.
Afternoon Chris, i would like to thank you for the top job that you done for me with the power steering.It is like a different van now and is such a joy to drive.I got home and reversed it on the drive way ( no problem anymore) Best 600 pounds i have ever spent !!!!!!!! Thanks again Peter.

Thanks so much The steering is great Will be happy to pass your details around Thanks again great job Ray Hi Chris I received the power steering late Friday afternoon and I finished fitting it Saturday morning, overall it took me three hours. I was really impressed how easy it was to install using your instructions. I have now been out into the country using the back roads on a test drive. I found the steering to be absolutely brilliant – it required no effort at all to turn the wheel. And to return home without any strain to my arms or shoulders is a real blessing. I would have no hesitation in recommending this to anyone else and would like to thank you for all your help and assistance, this is worth every penny. Kind regards. Wayne.

You did the conversion on my Swift Kontiki about a month ago. Can’t tell you how amazed i am at the difference.It drives like a dream and is so much better on tight manoeuvres. Absolutely the best investment i have made since buying the motorhome. When i came to pick it up i said i was expecting great things and you handed me the keys and gave me a wry smile. It is brilliant and i have no problems in driving round town and parking anywhere.Thanks a lot ,I will put your name forward to anyone who is interested. Best regards Dave.

Had to put pen to paper as it were, as the van was fantastic to drive back home today, it’s like it’s a completely different motorhome, really can’t believe just how good it is now, it’s made me want to hang on to it for a loooooong time. All the best John

Thanks chris , what a difference now a pleasure to drive , best regards graham.

Chris fitted E P A S system to my 1990 mercedes 208d m/h, for any owner of an older m/h with limited h.p and can not afford to lose h.p via hyd pump this has to be the answer Had system fitted 14/3/15 and could not believe the difference from the moment I backed down the yard and into opening all being done with one hand which before would require both hands and a lot of pulling. A further test came on the way home as i passed through milton keynes which is famous for all its roundabouts what a breeze being able to change while on the roundabout so far very impressed thanks a lot chris regards michael w

Hi Chris what a cracking job on the renault trafic power steering great service and your taking us morrisons for breakfast and tea £600 pound well spent would recommend thanks mr mrs pritchard cheers Hi Chris just a thank you for fitting power steering to my motorhome it has certainly made a big difference to driving especially getting in to my driveway excellent job would recommend it to any one to have it fitted , And thank you for letting us park up for the weekend we enjoyed our time in Stratford upon Avon . Kind regards Derek and Valerie

Dear Chris You fitted a power steering system to my Talbot Express 2 years ago. This has been such a great boon and I can never thank you enough for your brilliant work. Best regards Tessa McCarthy

I just wanted to let you know how delighted i am with the EPAS you fitted to my camper yesterday. I drove home with a big grin on my face the whole way. Manoeuvring around town and parking are now stress free, rather than something to be dreaded. I will certainly be recommending your service to my friends who are still struggling and complaining.

Hi Chris just back after a lovely weekend I cant thank you enough for the job that you’ve done on my camper it is pleasure to drive it now and iv booked it in to have the glow plugs done thanks to you
I will be spreading the word up in Scotland about you many many thanks brian Just to say thank you very much for doing the Power steering. It works like a charm and feels like it is gliding along.
I have reported the success on the Facebook page and also uploaded the flyers that you gave me.
Again thanks very much

Would just like to thank you for the professional job that you completed today on our Arca Europa 610 motorhome. The drive home was a complete dream it was truly like driving a completely different vehicle. Cheers Martin & Eleanor Fitted the power steering today .It works fantastic ,just took it out for a spin ,the wife is a very happy women. Thanks Chris Regards Graham

Sorry taken while to email you but just wanted to add our comments on your service as per the comments on your website its the best money we’ve spent on our Talbot Express and would recommend your services to everyone, thanks once again its made a world of difference to us much , much easier to drive and those tricky manoeuvres are a thing of the past ! absolutely excellent !!!! regards Roy and Jackie

Chris. Thank you. Fantastic! What a difference! And knowing how fast u r going makes a difference. If you need a reference ME ALL THE W A Y!!!!! Thanks again Pete

Hi Chris Just wanted to say a big Thank You for fitting the power steering top my Fiat Ducato motor home. Even after reading comments by others on the difference that it would make I still didn’t expect it to be as good as it is. Every one there was so friendly and helpful. We had a great morning in Stratford while the job was being done and a perfect drive home, so easy on the roundabouts, sharp turns, a doddle to park in tight spaces and just breezed into our driveway, no huffing, puffing and cursing. A perfect job and I would recommend anyone who hasn’t got power steering, don’t hesitate, just get it done. Best £600 I’ve spent. Thanks again Kevin

Hi Chris it so wonderful best thing I ever done thanks mate Bernie

Hi Chris Just to let you know we are over the moon/ with new power steering/ absolutely Brilliant/ thanks very much/ Paul/ Pauline

I bought a 1989 Talbot Express on ebay and didn’t know how hard the steering would be until I was driving it the 70 miles back home! The seller failed to mention it…along with numerous other problems…no surprise there! I asked my local garage if they could fit power steering, as I also need to use the campervan as a work van and so need to be able to manoeuvre it and park it without breaking my arms, but they couldn’t help. I did some on line research and found Chris’s website. I read everything on there and read the reviews and decided to go ahead with having the power steering fitted by Chris in the hope that I wouldn’t be ripped off. It was very refreshing to find an honest guy who did a great job fitting the power steering in the 4 hours that he said it would take and for the price of £600 that is stated on the website. Chris also helped me by checking over my leisure batteries, which had a couple of broken wires, so they were never going to work properly. Chris fixed the wires and i’m in the process of trying to charge the batteries up. Chris also explained that because they are completely flat, they may not come back to life…which is probably going to be the case!

If you are having difficulty with being able to turn your campervan steering wheel making it unpleasant and difficult to drive, I highly recommend Chris fitting power steering to your vehicle. Once fitted the wheel turns easily and even with one hand!

Christina Valentine (Painter & Decorator)Many thanks for fitting eps to my fiat motor home today excellent job very pleased drives so much easier and all in 5 hours well worth the trip plus historic walk and breakfast in Stratford all on a Sunday morning would highly recommend having this conversion many thanks Chris

Dave Powell SwindonOn 30 / 11 / 2016 we had electric power steering fitted to our 26 yr old Talbot based Elddis 270 by Chris. We dropped it off with him at 10am and went for a stroll around town. At 12.35 he rang to say it was done and we could pick it up when we were ready. The journey home was a delight , he did an excellent job. Getting back into our drive and 3 point turns can now be done one handed. By far the best money spent on our motorhome in the 23 yrs we have owned it. If you are thinking of having this done contact him, you won’t regret it. Thanks again Chris

Just wanted to say thank you. Dad is overwhelmed at the difference in his van and he’s been enjoying his camper again, so thank you.

So pleased with the conversion you did the weekend on our talbot express it was a dream to drive home ,Thankyou also Andy for taking us to the station , I would like to recommend you highly lovely people to deal with very helpful.
Once again thankyou. Best Regards John& Jan………………..

Chris The drive home in the van was a pleasure! The power steering is great, many thanks. Julian

Kit was received on Friday afternoon after sending my pedals and column on Tuesday. Very pleased with speed of delivery and when I needed to contact Chris. The kit instructions were clear enough and with my mechanic son we changed the steering over in 5.5 hours without a hitch apart from refitting the plastic which as always decided to not line up.
Test drove the van and the difference is amazing so looking forward to taking the van away on holiday without becoming muscle bound when Test drove the van and the difference is amazing so looking forward to taking the van away on holiday without becoming muscle bound when wrestling the steering just to park. Thanks to Chris for the fast turnaround, would recommend to anyone and cheaper than the other company

Hi Chris, just a thank you again from ken Sullivan for the steering job you did on my van on Thursday, it handles like a dream now, cheers ken

chris thank you for the conversion on my fiat ducato 1989, the drive back to newark on trent was a breeze. thank your parents also for the lift into town. will highly recommend you to the camper community for the brilliant and speedy work carried out. thank you pete

Thank you so much for the huge transformation to my van, it’s like driving a modern car ! From start to finish whole fitting process was carried out professionally, we enjoyed a fun day out in Stratford-upon-Avon whilst work was carried out. I have recommended you on several VW forums! Many thanks once again Eytan

Hello Chris, many thanks for the excellent power steering conversion on my camper. I have one comment and that is “Wow, just wow! What a difference”. It’s amazing. Thanks again for a brilliant job. Regards, Les

Hi Chris, Just wanted to say a huge thank you for fitting the electric steering conversion to my VW T25 last week. I can’t believe the difference it has made. I was struggling with the heavy steering after injuring my shoulder. I can now maneuver the van with ease and reverse into narrow spaces. Well worth the cost. You provided an excellent efficient service and I would and will recommend you to anyone who is having problems steering their heavy vans. Thanks again Julie and Mick.

Hi Chris, we are now back home from our holiday in Stratford and want to thank you very much for the power steering conversion that you did on our Campervan it has made such a difference and the Camper is now a pleasure to drive. Many thanks Brian and Jackie.

Hi Chris, we are now back home from our holiday in Stratford and want to thank you very much for the power steering conversion that you did on our Campervan it has made such a difference and the Camper is now a pleasure to drive. Many thanks Brian and Jackie.

VW T25 Campervan. The quality of the kit is exceptional and I have no hesitation
in recommending both the kit and the service received from Chris and his dad. I
ordered the power steering Kit from Chris after supplying him with my column for
welding. The turnaround time from Chris was really excellent (1 day). The kit
arrived well packaged and very comprehensive even down to additional wire and a
cable tie. I followed the instructions step by step and found them really easy to
follow. It took me 3 hours from start to finish including trimming the cowlings
and getting the layout of the wiring harness wrong Doh! The finished job is very
neat and unobtrusive. The improvement to the van is very impressive. The steering
is much lighter with no loss in sensitivity or control. All in all the best
improvement I’ve done to the van so far. Well done Chris and Co.

Hi Chris just wanted to say thanks for the fantastic job you made fitting your power steering conversion to my 1990 Talbot 640/6 Swift Kon Tiki.It is such a tidy and unobtrusive unit.You really are the chap to go to for thos conversion.She handles so easily now.Hope you can use this testimonial in some way.All the best Stu Jennings

Great job done today Chris I could not believe how much it improves the steering goes around corners so easerly.
A joy to drive
Don Maclean

Just a line to thank you for a top class conversion on my Renault.
The drive home back to Winchester was very strange, no more workouts on roundabouts, but me over steering until I settled into a more relaxed drive
Its been a week since I left your works and so many people have been amazed at
The ease I can manoeuvre my old van , and parking bays are no longer a worry.

Thankyou so much for the improvements you made to our motor home. The drive home was a dream. We’re so pleased. Thankyou again Pete and Tina Gale

At last! No more going round roundabouts and bends having to hang on to the steering wheel as if close-hauling a dinghy in a gale! No more arm and shoulder ache after trying to park in a small space! Chris fitted the new system to our 1990 Fiat Ducato Camelot, and we had a good night’s rest at his place. I can vouch for everything in the other reviews on this page being true! It’s been a couple of weeks since then and I think I still have the “Big Grin” as I drive on the familiar winding roads up here in the North Wales mountains, where we live. Malcolm, August 2020.

3 words to describe the travel back to kenilworth.
Wow wow wow!
Absolutely incredible.
Best parting of £600, this will without doubt further enhance the joy of being a motorhomer!
Thank you so much
Nigel and gaynor

I’d just like to thank you for the superb work you did on my 1985 Renault Trafic T1000 campervan, to fit the power steering, it is transformed!

The work was cleverly and neatly fitted, and done so in the time stated, even though you were confronted with the problem of the wiper/indicator stalks being the wrong way round (due to the age of my camper).
I’m glad I opted for the on/off switch as I like to return to the heavy steering feel for motorway driving. So thank you for that too.

My journey from Warrington to Stratford upon Avon, and cost of the work was completely worth it. I’ve wanted to have the conversion done for many years and I’m so glad I finally decided to go ahead.

Fingers crossed 2021 will be a better, healthy year for us all. I’m quite excited get out and properly use my revitalised Trafic especially after all the cancelled camping trips this year.

I would certainly recommend your company to others, and encourage them not to hesitate as I did.

Thanks again & kind regards,
Glenn Crompton

Fantastic job you did on Friday, the old motorhome is like a different animal.

‘We had power steering fitted on our Talbot in March 2022. We were greeted by Chris, who fitted it for us. He was very friendly, professional and speedy for the service he was providing. He even pumped our tyres and altered our clutch cable free of charge, which was extremely kind of him. We have had power steering just under a week now and its been a luxury to drive. We would recommend this service to anyone who is planning to get power steering fitted on their vehicle. Really brilliant and couldn’t ask for anything more.

Joe and Alex’

Fitted the power steering kit this afternoon and I must say it was a pleasure , everything fitted as if should have and instructions were clear.
As a time served mechanical engineer myself I’d like congratulate you on an excellent well thought out and engineered product .
Regards Trevor

Quick delivery. Great Price. As being a Tech myself the intructions were easy to follow. Just take your time. Job done. Transformed my NON P.A.S Talbot Express 2.5D into a modern car. Correspondence 5***** HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Keep up the good work.